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Aquabeads 3D Animal Set - 79218 (6ct) RRP £5.99

Aquabeads 3D Animal SetMake lots of 3D animals to add to your Aquabeads collection, including; a tur..


Aquabeads 3D Princess Tiara Set - 31604 (4ct) RRP £14.99

Aquabeads - 3D Princess Tiara SetThe Princess Tiara Set includes over 500 solid and jewel beads in ..


Aquabeads Beginners Studio - 32788 (4ct) RRP £14.99

Aquabeads Beginners StudioThe Aquabeads Beginners Studio contains everything you need to inspire cre..


Aquabeads Box of Fun Safari - 32808 (4ct) RRP £19.99

Aquabeads Box of Fun SafariBox of Fun Safari is a perfect set for those who love animals, especially..


Aquabeads Charm Maker - 31770 (6ct) RRP £6.99

Aquabeads Charm MakerEnjoy hours of creative fun with the Aquabeads Charm Maker refill set, containi..


Aquabeads Disney Princess Character Set - 30238 (6ct) RRP £10.99

Aquabeads Disney Princess Character SetBe the Queen of creation by making your favourite Disney prin..


Aquabeads Disney Princess Creation Cube - 31773 (4ct) RRP £29.99

Aquabeads Disney Princess Creation CubeAquabeads Creation Cube complete starter set contains everyth..


Aquabeads Disney Princess Dazzle Set - 31606 (6ct) RRP £12.99

Aquabeads Disney Princess Dazzle SetInspire creativity with Aquabeads Disney Princess Dazzle Set, th..


Aquabeads Elegant Charm Set - 31038 (12ct) RRP £5.99

Aquabeads Elegant Charm SetIf you need a new Aqua beading challenge, why not try making your own Aqu..


Aquabeads Jewel Bead Pack - 79178 (6ct) RRP £4.99

Aquabeads Jewel Bead PackRefill bead pack to create more Aquabeads designs with over 100 beads of ea..


Aquabeads Magical Unicorn Set - 31489 (6ct) RRP £14.99

Aquabeads Magical Unicorn SetDesign elegant unicorns with the magical unicorn set. This set includes..


Aquabeads Mini Fun Pack - 32748 (12ct) RRP £4.99

Aquabeads Mini Fun PackAquabeads is the original water activated bead craft product. Made from the h..


Aquabeads Mini Sparkle Pack - 32758 (12ct) RRP £4.99

Aquabeads Mini Sparkle PackAquabeads is the original water activated bead craft product. Made from t..


Aquabeads Pastel Fancy Set - 31361 (6ct) RRP £4.99

Aquabeads Pastel Fancy SetMake a range of adorable pastel creations, with the Pastel Fancy Set. From..


Aquabeads Sea Life Set - 79138 (6ct) RRP £5.99

Aquabeads Sea Life SetWith this quirky Aquabeads set you can create your very own sea creatures. Use..


Aquabeads Solid Bead Pack - 79168 (6ct) RRP £4.99

Aquabeads Solid Bead PackThis is a refill set of solid beads with eight different colours included. ..


Aquabeads Star Bead Studio - 31601 (4ct) RRP £14.99

Aquabeads Star Bead StudioAs any Aquabeads lover knows, you can never have enough of the mini beads...


Aquabeads Star Friends Set - 31602 (6ct) RRP £6.99

Aquabeads Star Friends SetInspire creativity with Aquabeads, the original "stick with water" arts an..


Aquabeads Starter Set - 32778 (4ct) RRP £9.99

Aquabeads Starter SetThis colourful Aquabeads Starter Set is perfect for beginners and lets you make..


Aquabeads Super Mario Creation Cube - 31774 (4ct) RRP £29.99

Aquabeads Super Mario Creation CubeAquabeads Creation Cube complete starter set contains everything ..


Aquabeads Zoo Life Set - 31078 (6ct) RRP £4.99

Aquabeads Zoo Life SetMake friends with your favourite animals, with the Zoo Life Set! With 600 bead..